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Name:LarissaFae's fanfiction archive.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:An archive community for all fanfiction written by LarissaFae
Fics in this community:


The Interludes
Everything in Between

Harry Potter

Red Threads

Gundam Wing

Paint it Pastel

I'm a fanfic author; hence the purpose of this community. I tend to spell the British way. I lean toward hetfic, but I'm not opposed to slash. I like to use fanfic as a testing ground for original characters that may later have their own non-fanfic stories; it's a good way to build them up.

A brief list of rules in the event I ever need to banhammer anyone:

Flaming. Don't do it. I reserve the right to deal with flames/bitchy critiques/what have you all by myself. If it's directed at me, I'll handle it. Trust me, if I think someone's being rude, I'll call them on it. If anyone ever feels the need to jump to my defence, thank you, but please don't. If anyone starts getting bitchy at anyone else, I'll also handle that; please don't feed the trolls. ^_^

Reposting/using my work/OC's: No one has permission to repost my work. That's what my journal and this community are for. No one has permission to use my original characters. No one has permission to finish any story that I may have abandoned. Just don't do it; I'll find out, I'll get mad, and you won't be happy with the results.

Comments/reviews: I love comments, but I don't demand them and I don't hold fics for ransom; I appreciate people reading my work, and in sites like DW and LJ, comments are the only way to gauge how many people are reading. So, while I do ask that you please comment in any way you feel comfortable doing, I won't throw a fit if you don't. Feeling shy? Think I won't reply to your comment? I reply to every journal comment I receive, and unless it's a flame, I'm not going to be rude to you. I'm really quite friendly. ^_^ I also appreciate constructive criticism, and I'm a big girl; if you have an intelligent protest to something I've written, I can handle it. I promise. If you don't leave a comment, thank you for reading all the same; I still appreciate you stopping by!
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